The Morrison Family Charitable Foundation (MFCF) had a successful year in 2016. All requirements of 501(c)(3) organizations were met or exceeded; growth goals were achieved; and organizational practices were established.

Notably, 2016 was the first year of operations for the MFCF. As such, in addition to a review of 2016 accomplishments, a history of the organization has been included in this annual report. 


The Morrison Family Charitable Foundation (MFCF) was founded by Jenny Jo Morrison and Hugh Robert Morrison in December 2015 to establish a lasting structure to provide financial support to organizations that work to improve the wellbeing of the people and environment of Oregon. MFCF was established with the goals of

  • creating an enduring funding source for the benefit of Oregonians;
  • contributing to a general culture of charitable giving to instill the value of communal work and shared responsibility in current and future generations; and
  • providing a means for honoring the contributions of David Ramsey and Patricia Ramsey to their home State and its people.

In many ways, the MFCF owes its existence to Dave and Patti Ramsey. These two life-long Oregonians laid the financial groundwork and provided the philanthropic spirit that led to the creation of the MFCF. They modeled compassion for their families, their employees, Oregonians, and humanity. They persevered through life’s adversities, and as they prospered, they shared with those around them.

Hard work for the betterment of everyone. Compassion. A connection to Oregon—these are the lessons the MFCF takes from examples of Dave and Patti’s lives.

In creating the MFCF, the Morrisons were also guided by

  • A love of Oregon. Jenny and Hugh grew up in Oregon, enjoying the beauty of the Willamette Valley, the Coast, and the High Desert. They benefitted from what was then a strong public education system. They learned to appreciate the patchwork quilt of Oregon values, stitching together the views of hardened loggers and vocal activists. They take pride in the independent, innovative spirit of the State.
  • A belief in the value of art. Art is inspirational. It is mind-opening. Enjoying art, analyzing it, and creating it all contribute to the development of the mind. Art is a pathway to understanding and empathy.
  • An interest in maintaining educational breadth. Jenny and Hugh developed in a public education system that provided a range of exposures: art, music, drafting, woodshop, auto shop. For many in Oregon public schools these opportunities no longer exist, limiting the chances of engaging the enthusiasms of some students, depleting the richness of student experiences, and hampering the development of students into responsible citizens.

Vision and Mission

With these goals, models and beliefs in mind, the MFCF was established with the following Vision and Mission:

Vision – Contribute to an Oregon that values diversity in life experiences and provides education, art and wild places for the enjoyment of all.

Mission – To support the people, communities, and natural environment of Oregon by fostering access to high-quality education, and arts and culture, and by conserving the natural environment.

2016 Highlights

For the MFCF, 2016 was the first year of operations and brought several major successes for the fledgling philanthropic organization. The most notable accomplishments include

1) Establishment of processes for identifying, evaluating, and ranking grant applicants.

2016 included several activities necessary to establish organizational practices. The MFCF was aided in these efforts by the existence of published information for non-profits and charitable organizations, and by interviews with the leaders of established family charities. The MFCF wishes to thank all who provided guidance in the formation of MFCF processes.

In the initial year of the MFCF, the Board decided to provide grant funding through an invitation only process. There was no open process for interested organizations to apply to the MFCF. Rather, the Board developed a list of criteria to identify potential grant recipients, then made direct contact with these groups and provided them an application format to request funds.

The criteria used in 2016 to identify grant recipients was as follows:

  1. Organizations must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit;
  2. Organizations must have programs focused on
  • Education, with an emphasis on providing access to higher education for those with financial need and/or to high-quality educational programs for K-12 school children.
  • Environmental stewardship, with an emphasis on conserving and protecting Oregon’s natural spaces for wildlife habitat and public enjoyment.
  • Arts and culture, with an emphasis on supporting artistic organizations that enrich our communities through arts and culture and value the cultural richness of Oregon.

Each organization requested to provide a grant application was informed that they would receive a grant in 2016 of between $3,000 and $5,000. The purpose of the application was to decide the amount each organization would receive. Applications were due November 21, 2016. The Board then reviewed the applications and met November 30, 2016, to decide the final grant allocations for 2016.

2) Issuance of $25,000 in grants to seven (7) organizations providing benefits throughout the State.

Table 1 shows the grant amounts provided to organizations in 2016.

MFCF Grants – 2016
Oregon Historical Society5,000
Arts and Culture13,000
Grace Arts Institute4,000
Maude Kerns Arts Center3,000
Portland Playhouse3,000
Oregon Symphony3,000
Environmental Stewardship7,000
North Coast Land Conservancy3,000
Deschutes Land Trust4,000

3) Acceptance of an additional $200,000 into the Foundation’s assets.

During the fourth quarter of 2016, the MFCF received a donation of $200,000 from Jenny and Hugh Morrison.